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Hikmat Gumilar, Professional Indonesian Interpreter for English to Indonesian Interpretation Services

indonesian language interpreter


Are you in search of a skilled and seasoned English-to-Indonesian interpreter, as well as an Indonesian-to-English interpreter and translator based in Jakarta, Indonesia? Whether it’s for a local event or an international conference, or even if you require linguistic expertise across various domains like business, law, international relations, NGOs, social sciences, government affairs, or general topics – I’ve got you covered.

My name is Mochamad Hikmat Gumilar, and I bring over two decades of experience in translation and interpretation to the table. Currently residing in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, I frequently travel to regions spanning Asia, Africa, and Southeast Asia, including destinations like Singapore, Vietnam, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. These trips are often in service of interpreting at conferences, meetings, and legal proceedings.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a Master’s degree in Marketing, and a Diploma in English. With a solid career foundation of 12 years in multinational corporations such as Unilever and SC Johnson, I possess comprehensive familiarity with various aspects of business operations.

Jasa Interpreter for Indonesian Interpreter

Your Reliable Choice for Both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation

Recognized as a member of the Indonesian Translator Association (HPI) and the American Translator Association, I actively pursue membership in the esteemed Conference Interpreters International Association (AIIC) as a pre-candidate. When you’re seeking Indonesian interpreter services, look no further – I’m your reliable resource.

Back in 2006, I earned my sworn translator certificate from the Governor of the Special Capital City Region of Jakarta, with certificate number 1765/2006. While I may not be an AIIC interpreter, I hold a certified translator designation from HPI comparable to NAATI certification. I boast fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English and a strong command of the local Sundanese dialect.

Navigating Legal and Professional Settings

With my certified Indonesian interpreter status, I’ve amassed significant experience in courtroom interpreting. Indonesian legal proceedings mandate the involvement of a sworn or certified translator/interpreter for legal matters.

You’re welcome to reach out to me via email at [email protected], mobile phone/WhatsApp at +62-811-174-361, or Skype at hgumilar for further details, my CV, samples of my work, and even a test if needed. Explore my comprehensive profile here. I’m also here to facilitate your connection with Indonesian language interpreter companies and help arrange for Simultaneous Interpreting Systems (SIS) rentals.

Location: Jalan Gunung Indah V, Cirendeu Residence Blok C No. C3A, Ciputat Timur, South Tangerang, Banten 15419, Indonesia.

If you require an Indonesian language interpreter for any occasion, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.