Makanan Indonesia dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berikut adalah daftar nama-nama makanan asli dan tradisional berbagai daerah di Indonesia dalam bahasa Inggris. Anda dapat mencari resep di Internet dan terjemahannya di dalam halaman ini. Makanan ini juga tidak disertai gambarnya namun makanan ini adalah makanan khas dari daerahnya masing-masing yang diterjemahkan dari dalam bahasa Indonesia ke bahasa Inggris. Nama-nama makanan ini memiliki deskripsi dalam bahasa Inggris. Semoga membantu.

Below you can find the English translation of original and traditional Indonesian food from different regions in Indonesia. You can find its recipe on the Internet and the translation in English is provided here. No images are provided but I can assure you that this is a typical Indonesian food in each area translated from Indonesian to English. English description of the food is also provided here.

terjemahan makanan indonesia dalam bahasa inggris

Bahasa IndonesiaEnglish
Ayam BakarGrilled Chicken
Ayam GorengFried Chicken
Bebek GorengFried Duck
GulaiMeat or vegetable soup (characterized by yellow color from turmeric and coconut milk)
Ikan AsinSalted dried fish
Ikan BakarGrilled Fish
Ikan GorengFried Fish
Mie AyamChicken noodle dish
Nasi GorengFried Rice
Nasi KuningYellow Rice
Nasi RamesMixed Rice
Opor AyamMeat Soup (cooked in coconut milk)
Perkedel JagungCorn Fritters
Sayur AsemSour Dish/Tamarin Dish
Sayur LodehMixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Stew
SemurStew (made with sweet soy sauce and spices)
Ayam TangkapFried Chicken (made with Acehnese spices seasoning)
Martabak AcehThick Folded Crepe (covered with a mixture of whipped eggs and onions and leeks plus meat curry and pickled onions)
Mie AcehAcehnese Curried Spicy Noodle
Nasi GurihAcehnese Steamed Rice (cooked in coconut milk and Acehnese original spices)
Roti CaneIndian-Flatbread (served with dhal (lentil curry) or any kind of curry)
Bika AmbonIndonesian Dessert (made from tapioca flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and coconut milk)
Bolu GulungSponge Cake Roll (f+C42illed with whipped cream, jam, or icing)
CiperaKaronese Chicken Stew
KwetiauChinese Indonesian Fried Flat Noodles
Lapis LegitSpekuk (Indonesian layer cake)
ArsikSpicy Fish
LemangBamboo Rice (glutinous rice cooked in hollowed bamboo with coconut milk and salt)
Asam PedasSour and Spicy Fish Stew
Dendeng BaladoThinly-cut Dried Beef With Chillies
GulaiYellowish Soup (cooked with rich, spicy and succulent curry-like sauce and coconut milk)
RendangSpicy Meat
Sate PadangPadang Satay (grilled with yellow-colored spicy sauce)
Sate PariamanPariaman Satay (grilled with red-colored spicy sauce)
Soto PadangBeef Broth Soto (with slices of fried beef, rice vermicelli, and fried mashed potato).
LaksaSpicy Rice Noodle Soup (with chicken, prawn, or fish and cooked with rich and spicy curry coconut milk or sour)
Mie CelorBlanched Noodle (served in coconut milk soup and shrimp based-broth)
Nasi LemakFragrant Rice cooked with Coconut Milk and Pandan Leaf
PempekPalembang Savoury Fishcake served with rich sweet and sour sauce called cuko
EmpingIndonesian Chips made from melinjo nuts
Gado-gadoIndonesian Salad with peanut sauce
Ikan BakarFried Fish
Kerak TelorBetawi Spicy Omelette with serundeng, fried shallots and dried shrimp
KetoprakBetawi Salad served with peanut sauce
Lontong SayurBetawi Rice Cake served with vegetables, boiled egg, and tofu in coconut milk soup
Nasi GorengFried Rice
Nasi UdukBetawi Rice cooked in coconut milk
Onde-ondeFried Green-coloured Rice Cake covered in sesame seeds filled with liquid palm sugar
Roti BuayaBetawi Crocodile-shaped Sweetened Bread
Semur JengkolStinky-Bean Stew
Soto BetawiBetawi Yellow Beef Soup
BatagorSundanese Fried Fish Dumplings with peanut sauce
Bubur AyamRice Porridge (congee) with Chicken
CirengFried Aci (Tapioca Starch) with various filling
ColenakGrilled Fermented Cassava served with grated coconut sauce and brown sugar
CombroFried Oncom (Fermented Soybean)
Empal GentongMutton or goat offal soup
KaredokSundanese Raw Vegetable Salad with peanut sauce
Kue CubitPinch Cake
Kupat TahuDiamond-shaped Rice Cake with fried tofu, bean sprouts served in peanut sauce
LotekSundanese Salad of boiled or steamed vegetables and boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu and tempeh, and rice cake.
Mie KocokBeef Broth Noodle Soup (Shaken Noodle)
Nasi TimbelSteam Rice Wrapped in Banana Leaf
SeblakSavoury Wet Chips with spicy sauce
SerabiRice Flour Pancake with coconut milk or shredded coconut
Ayam KalasanFried chicken with kremes (crispy granules)
Bakmi JawaBoiled Noodle cooked with Javanese spices
Bandeng PrestoMilkfish Presto (High Pressure Cooked Milkfish)
Garang AsemSpicy and Sour Soup
GudegBoiled Young Jackfruit with palm sugar and coconut milk and also Javanese spices
Lumpia SemarangChinese Indonesian Spring Rolls filled with bamboo shoots, chicken or prawns and served with sweet chili sauce
Nasi KucingCat Rice
Nasi LiwetRice cooked in Coconut Milk with chicken broth and egg
Nasi PecelJavanese salad with peanut sauce
Opor AyamBraised chicken in Coconut Milk
Selat SoloSolo Salad with beef tenderloin
Soto AyamYellow Chicken Soup
SrabiRice Flour Pancake with coconut milk or shredded coconut
TengklengMutton bones and rib cooked with traditional spices
TongsengBeef Stew Curry-like Soup with vegetables and sweet soy sauce
AngsleHot soupy dessert of  Sago Pearls
Ayam KecapPoached Chicken in sweet soy sauce
BaksoBeef Meatballs
Lontong BalapRice Cake with bean sprouts, fried tofu, sweet soy sauce and petis (shrimp paste)
Lontong KupangRice Cake with small white clams
Nasi Goreng JawaJavanese Fried Rice
Nasi KrawuWhite Rice with shredded meat, fried shredded coconut and chili paste
Nasi KuningYellow Rice
RawonBeef Black Soup
RondeRound brown sugar and rice flour dipped in hot ginger water
Rujak CingurCingur Salad
Sate AyamChicken Satay
Sate KambingGoat Satay
Sate KerangBoiled Clams Satay
Tahu CampurMix Tofu
Tahu TekTofu and Bean Sprout Salad with Peanut Sauce
TapeFermented Rice
Ayam BetutuSteamed Chicken with Betutu seasoning
Babi GulingSuckling Pig
Nasi JenggoJinggo Rice
Sate LilitBalinese satay mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice, shallots, and pepper
Ayam TaliwangRoasted Chicken  (seasoned with spices halfway during grilling)
BetutuRoasted Poultry
TempoyakFermented Dorian
LemangBamboo Rice (glutinous rice cooked in hollowed bamboo with coconut milk and salt)
LaksaSpicy Rice Noodle Soup (with chicken, prawn, or fish and cooked with rich and spicy curry coconut milk or sour asam)
Soto BanjarSouth Borneo Chicken Soup
Ayam Rica-ricaChili Sauce Chicken
Bubur ManadoManado Porridge (Tinutudan)
Coto MakassarBeef Organs Soup
Pisang IjoGreen Roll Banana
Sop KonroBeef Rib Soup
PapedaSago Congee
Sambal PepayaPapaya Spices


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