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SIS Rental in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Simultaneous Interpreting System Rental in Indonesia

Are you looking for reliable Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental for your event in Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia? Look no more. We can provide you with all types of SIS in available for rent for your all-interpreting related events in Jakarta Indonesia or other cities in Indonesia like Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Bali. Please email us in [email protected] to get all the details for all your needs. If you are also looking for reliable and qualified English to Indonesian Interpreter or other pair languages you can also contact me on my mobile phone/WhatsApp +62-811-174-361 (Hikmat -English to Indonesian vv Interpreter) or in Skype hgumilar. Our equipment is also available for use in Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar and other big cities in Indonesia.

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental Pricing

Pricing depends on the type of equipment that you intend to use. If Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental that you need only for few people (less than 5) you need only one transmitter and maximum 5 receivers. Please contact above details for up to date pricing.

interpreting equipment rental
Also contact here to get the Interpreter Service from Different Language Pair

Booth = Available for Rent on daily use.

Headsets = Available for minimum 5 users of interpretation, price includes all system (transmitter and operator). Pricing is based on the number of headsets you want to rent and the price is determined by daily use per unit of the headset.

We provide a range of products (simple to sophisticated) and will try our best to meet your meeting needs. We provide Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental for your use all over Indonesia.

The equipment specified that we offer to use the latest the digital system which guarantees superior audio quality and no interference. It also includes European Audipack booths which are the only booths in Indonesia that truly meet and exceed the ISO 4043 standard for professional conference interpretation.

Please contact us now to provide you with the right quotation.

Sewa Alat Interpreter

Sewa Alat Interpreting dan Jasa Interpreter

Not really familiar with this system? Watch the video below

Do you need English to Indonesian Interpreters or Other Pairs?

Read below to get the profile of the author who is the translator and interpreter.

Hikmat Gumilar, Indonesian Conference Interpreter

English to Indonesian Interpreter in Jakarta Indonesia



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