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Looking for a reliable Balinese Sworn Translator in Bali? Look no further than PT INDO LINGUA TRANSLOCALIZE, a licensed translation service provider that offers Sworn Translator and Interpreter services in Denpasar. Our Balinese Sworn Translators and Interpreters are registered with the UK Embassy and have the qualifications from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to provide accurate and reliable translations for legal and official documents.

Located in Jalan Sesetan Gg. Lumba-Lumba Griya Niki No. 6, Denpasar, we provide language services and interpreters for the Bali region for official and personal documents. Our interpreters are ready to assist you in conferences, seminars, or other official events requiring simultaneous or consecutive translations.

Regarding pricing, we offer two service options: sworn and regular translations. Our sworn translations from English to Indonesian start at IDR 125,000 per page with a wet stamped original translation copy, while our regular translations start at IDR 75,000 per page (regular non-sworn) per 350 words. Language translation materials can be scanned into PDF format, photographed with a mobile phone, emailed to [email protected], or contacted via WhatsApp at +62 899-9655-541.

In addition to English and Indonesian, we provide Balinese Sworn Translator services for German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and other languages. Our team of experienced and certified translators is committed to delivering high-quality translations that meet the standards of the legal system.

Whether you require a Bali translator or a Balinese sworn translator, our team is dedicated to providing reliable and professional services. Choose PT INDO LINGUA TRANSLOCALIZE for Sworn Translator services in Bali, and let us help you with all your language needs.

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