English to Indonesian Professional Translator

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I am a professional translator with more than 25 years of experience and 14 years in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Holder of English Diploma, bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and master’s in marketing management. With More than 25 years of experience in translation, and hands-on experience in marketing/sales management as well as English teaching exposure, and reporter experience, your satisfaction with quality translation is guaranteed.

I currently live in Tangerang Selatan Indonesia and I am the native Indonesian currently living in the country. As an Indonesian translation service provider, I will do my best to meet all your linguistic needs such as document translation, localization, video translation, subtitling, and other services.

I can provide English to Indonesian Translation Service and I can translate from English to the Indonesian language. My Indonesian translation services are performed 100% by professional native human translators and native Indonesian speakers fluent in English. My strict vetting and quality control procedure will ensure high standards. As an Indonesian translator, I am trying my best to provide consistent deliver quality work to clients.

I can offer certified or sworn translation and standard translation services translating from Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) to English and English to Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

Certified or sworn translation is for official use by universities, courts, and many local, state, and federal governments while standard translation is mainly used for business or personal use not requiring certification by the end user.

Contact me now at my mobile phone +62811174361 (WhatsApp) or my email [email protected] for further details.