Daftar Akronim Indonesia dan Terjemahannya dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Berikut adalah daftar akronim atau singkatan dalam bahasa Indonesia yang sering ditemui serta terjemahannya dalam bahasa Inggris. Akronim ini sering terkait dengan jargon atau istilah, nama lembaga dan organisasi, serta departemen di pemerintahan.

AAI Indonesian Advocates’ Association
AAPMI Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers
ABRI Indonesian Armed Forces
ADRI Indonesian Army
AEI Indonesian Public Companies Association
AFA ASEAN Federation of Accountants
AICE Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters
AICESSCC Indonesia-China Economic Social and Cultural Cooperation Association
AIMMI Association of Indonesian Edible Oil Industries
AIPI Association of Indonesian Political Scientists
AIPO ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization
AJI Alliance of Independent Journalists
AKABRI Armed Forces Academy
ALRI Indonesian Navy
Amdal The Environmental Impact Analysis
AMM ASEAN Ministerial Meeting
AMN National Military Academy
AMT Tangerang Military Academy
ANEX ASEAN News Exchange
AP3I Indonesian Retailers Association
APBN State Budget
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APECC Asia Pacific Exhibition and Convention Council
APEI Indonesian Securities Companies
Apfindo Indonesian Meat Producers and Feedlot
APHI Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires
API Indonesian Textile Association 2nd ref association
Apindo Indonesian Employers Association
APJATI Association of Labor Export Companies
APKI Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association
Apkindo Association of Indonesian Wood Panel Producers
Apnatel Indonesian Telecommunications Association
Apodeti Prointegration group in East Timor
Aprindo Association of Indonesian Retailers
Arpindo Indonesian Association of Pager Operators
Askindo Indonesian Cocoa Association
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASEAN CCI ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ASEM Asia-Europe Meeting
Asirevi Video Film Importers Association, 2nd ref association
ASIRI Recording Industry Association
ASITA Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies
Askes State-owned Health Insurance Company
Aspadin Association of Indonesian Producers of Packaged Drinking Water
Aspiluki Indonesian Computer Software Association
ASRI Indonesian Fine Arts Academy
Astek State insurance program
ATF ASEAN Tourism Forum
ATNI National Theater Academy of Indonesia
AURI Indonesian Air Force
Bapebti Indonesian Commodities Exchange Agency
Bakin State Intelligence Coordinating Board 2nd ref board
BAKN Institute of State Personnel Administration
Bakorlak An interdepartmental agency for drug control
Bakornas PB National Disaster Management Coordination Board
Bakorstanas Agency for the Coordination of Support for the Development of National Stability
Bakorstanasda The Jakarta Agency for the Coordination of Support for the Development of National Stability
Bakosurtanal Coordinating Body for Survey and National Charting Development Board
Bakom-PKB Coordinating Body for National Unity
Bamus House’s Consultative Body
Bamus Betawi Native Jakartans Association
Bandungwangi Mutual Support for Friendship and Protection (a help group for Kramat Tunggak prostitutes)
Banpro Bandung Promotion Group (setup by leading Bdg hotels)
Bapedal Environmental Impact Management Agency, agency
Bapeka Supreme Audit Body
Bapeksta Export Service Facilitating Agency
Bapedalda Regional Environmental Impact Management Agency
Bapepam Capital Market Supervisory Agency,
Bapfida Film Control Agency or City Film Control Agency
Bapindo Indonesian Development Bank
Bappeda City’s Development Planning Board
Bappebti Futures Exchange Supervisory Board
Bappenas National Development Planning Board
Batan National Atomic Energy Agency
BAZIS an (Islamic) board which oversees the collection of alms
Bepedti Commodities Trading Board
BIA Armed Forces Intelligence
BIDA Batam Industrial Development Authority
BIDSUS An agency responsible for fighting certain crimes, like subversion, corruption and smuggling
BIMP-EAGA East Asian Growth Area composed of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
BKKBN National Family Planning Board
BKKKS Social Welfare Coordinating Body
BKPM Investment Coordinating Board
BKPMD Regional Investment Coordinating Board
BKSDA Natural Resources Conservation Center a local natural conservation office
BKSP Greater Jakarta Coordination Board
BLHI Board of the Indonesian Environment Management
BMG Meteorology and Geophysics Agency
Bopunjur Bogor-Puncak-Cianjur
Botabek Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi
BP7 Referred to as: an agency for the study of the state-ideology Pancasila and Agency for the Propagation of Pancasila) OR an agency entrusted with the task of disseminating the state-ideology Pancasila
BPD Regional Development Bank
BPEN National Agency for Export Development, 2nd ref agency
BPHN Agency for National Legal Development
BPI The over-the-counter market, the Indonesian Parallel Bourse (stock exchange)
BPIS Strategic Industries Supervisory Agency whose 10 strategic industries also include rail, weapons, explosives and telecommunications companies.
BPK Supreme Audit Agency (was Bapeka)
BPKP Development Finance Controller
BPN National Land Agency
BPPC Clove Marketing and Buffer Stock Agency
BPPI Indonesian Tourism Promotion Board
BPPK An agency to supervise the affairs of national heroes and their widows
BPPKA Foreign Contractors Management Body
BPPT Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, chaired by State Minister of Research and Technology
BPS Central Bureau of Statistics
BPUT Land Affairs Office
BRIEF Business Review Indonesia Forum
BRN State Secrets Agency, later became Bakin
Bulog State Logistics Agency
BUMN State-owned enterprises
CBSA Indonesian “active learning method” education system
CESDA Center for the Study of Development and Democracy
CGI Consultative Group on Indonesia (was IGGI)
CIDES Center for Information and Development Studies
CIFOR Center for International Forestry Research
CNPPA-SEA Commission on National Parks and Protected Areas for South East Asia
CNRT Conselho National de Resistancia Timorese, an East Timor resistance movement (National Resistance Council for an Independent East Timor)
CPIS Center for Policy and Implementation Studies (of the Ministry of Finance)
CRP Community Recovery Program, an NGO entrusted with distributing safety net funds from foreign donors
DAMRI State-run bus company
Dekopin Indonesian Cooperatives Council
Depanri National Aeronautics and Aviation Council
DFN National Film Board
DIA Aceh Special Province
Dinas Autonomous agency offices under the governor or mayor/regent
DIY Yogyakarta Special Province
DKI Jakarta Special Province
DKP Officers Honor Council or Honorary Press Council
DKS Surabaya arts council
DLLAJ City Land Transportation Agency
DOM Military operation areas
DPA Supreme Advisory Council (this body advises the President on matters in various sectors)
DPIS Agency for the Supervision of Strategic Industry
DPKEKU Indonesian Economic and Finance Reselience Council
DPN National Productivity Council
DPR House of Representatives
DPRD I Provincial Legislative Council for provinces; City Council for cities
DPRD II Regional Legislative Council for provinces; City Council for cities
DRN National Research Council
DSN National Standardization Board (environmental)
EAGA East ASEAN Growth Area, encompassing Indonesian provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh, the western parts of Malaysia and Thailand’s southern areas.
ECONIT Advisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade
EJIP East Jakarta Industrial Park
EKONID German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ELSAM Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy
ET (Ex-political prisoner/former political detainee
ETAN East Timor Alert Network
FASI Indonesian Aerosport Federation
FCHI A Hindu intellectual organization.
FEUI University of Indonesia’s School of Economics
FISIP School of Social and Political Science of University of Indonesia
FKI Indonesia Working Forum
FKKP Forum of Communication for Counterbalance Group
FKPGA Communications Forum for Retired Garuda Employees
FKPPI Communication Forum of Indonesian Veterans’ Children
FKSH Forum of Social and Humanistic Studies in Yogyakarta.
Foreri Forum for the Reconciliation of the Irian Jaya Community
Forki Indonesian Karate Federation
Fosko 66 Forum, Studi dan Komunikasi, a study and communication forum
FPMR Forum for Students and People Movement
FPR Reformed Entrepreneurs Forum
G30S Abortive coup by the Indonesian Communist Party on Sept. 30, 1965.
Gabsi Indonesian Contract Bridge Association
Gaikindo Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries
Gapensi Indonesian Builders Association
Gapkindo Indonesian Rubber Producers Association
Gappindo Association of Indonesian Fishing Companies
GAPPRI Association of Indonesian Cigarette Producers
GBHN State Policy Guidelines
GBSI Federation of Independent Trade Unions
GDN National discipline movement
Gegana   Bom Squad
Gerkatin Organization For Care of the Deaf
Gestapu Gerakan 30 September (Sept. 30 Movement 1965)
Ginsi Indonesian Importers Association
GKBI Federation of Indonesian Batik Cooperatives
GKJ Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Playhouse)
GMF Garuda Maintenance Facility
GMKI Indonesian Christian Students Movement
GMNI The Indonesian Nationalist Students Movement
GNOTA National Foster Parents Movement
GOI Government of Indonesia
Golkar Golongan Karya (translates as functional group), the government-backed ruling political organization
Golput The acronym for Golongan Putih, literally meaning “white group”, coined to describe people who refuse to vote during the general elections.
GPBSI All Indonesian Theater Organization
GPK The government term meaning peace-disturbing movement or security disturbance groups
GRM Marhaen’s People Movement, an organization grouping disciples of the late president Sukarno
GUS Coordinating Agency for the Development of the Informal Sector(this agency registers street vendors and moves them to more “appropriate” places)
GUSK Small-scale business task force
Hankamnas National Defense and Security Board
Hati Hapus Hukuman Mati (ban capital punishment)
HGB Right of Building
Himasita Association of Students for Plant Protection
Himpala Association of Nature Lovers (in Uni)
Hiperkes The occupational health and safety program
Himni Indonesian Nuclear Society
Hipmi Association of Young Indonesian Businessmen
HIPPI Indonesian Indigenous Businessmen’s Association
HKBP Congregation of Toba Batak Protestant Churches
HKI Indonesian Christian Church
HKTI Indonesian Farmers Association
HMI Association of Islamic Students
HMWI Indonesian Women Managers Association
HPPIA Association of Indonesian Researches and Students in Australia
HSBI Association of Islamic Art and Culture
HTI Industrial timber estate
IAI Indonesian Architects Association
IAIN State Islamic Institute or State Academy of Islamic Studies
IBF International Badminton Federation
IBI Indonesian Midwives Association
IBRA Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency
IBT Eastern part of Indonesia
ICEL Indonesian Center for Environmental Law
ICIP Indonesian Cleaner Industrial Production Program
ICMI Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals
ICW Indonesian Corruption Watch
ICWA Indonesian Council on World Affairs
IDI Indonesian Doctors Association
IDT Presidential instruction on least developed villages program
IGGI Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia (now CGI)
IIEE Foundation Foundation of Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics
IIP Institute of Public Administration
IJEG Indonesian Japanese European Group
IJS Jakarta Social Institute
Ikadin Indonesian Bar Association
Ikapi Indonesian Publishers Association
Ikasi Indonesian Fencing Association
IKIP Teachers Training Institute
IKJ Jakarta Arts Institute
IKPM Indonesian Fashion Designers Association
IKPN Civil Servants Cooperatives Organization
IMAMI Indonesian Mosques Association
IMB Building permits
IMI Indonesia Motorsports Association
IMM Muhammadiyah Students Association
IMS-GT Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle
IMT-GT Indonesian-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle
INACA Indonesian Nati
Inkopar Federation of Employees Cooperative
INDRA Indonesian Debt Restructuring Agency
INFA Indonesian Forwarders Association
INFID International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development
INPI Indonesian NGOs Partners Initiatives
INPI-PACT Indonesian NGOs Partners Initiatives Private Agencies Collaborating Together
IGA Indonesian Gas Association
Inkopkar Workers’ Central Cooperative
INPRES Presidential instruction program
INSA Indonesian National Shipowners Association
Insus An agricultural intensification program
INTI Chinese-Indonesians Association
IPA Indonesian Petroleum Association
IPB Bogor Institute of Agriculture
IPCOS Institute for Policy and Community Studies
IPHI Association of Indonesian Lawyers
IPKI Independence Vanguard Party
IPKIN Indonesian Association of Computer and Information Professionals
IPMI Indonesian Management Institute
IPMI Indonesian Fashion Designers Association
Ipoleksosbud Ideology, politics, economic, social and cultures
IPSI Indonesian Pencak Silat Association
IPTN Bandung-based PT Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara,
IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union
ISAI Institute for the Studies on Free Flow of Information
ISEI Indonesian Economists Association
ISHI Institute of Study on Human Interests
ISI Indonesian Fine Arts Institute
ISSI Indonesian Cycling Association (lnt 4/98)
ISWI Association of Indonesian Women Graduates
ITB Bandung Institute of Technology
ITI Indonesian Technical Institute
ITPB Indonesia Tourism Promotion Board different from BPPI ??
ITTO International Tropical Timber Organization
Jabotabek Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi (Greater Jakarta)
Jakprom Jakarta Tourism Promotion Board
JATS Jakarta Automated Trading System
Jibor Jakarta interbank offered rate
JITC Jakarta International Trade Fair Corporation
JSX Jakarta Stock Exchange
Kadin Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
KABI Association for Action of Indonesian Workers
KAMI Indonesian Students Action Front
KAMMI Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front
Kamra People’s Security
KAMURRI Students Action Front for Reformation
Kanwil District offices of the central government located in the provinces
Kapci Committee of Indonesian Advocates for the Disabled
Kapet Biak Integrated Economic Development Zone
KARMA Action Coalition of Acehnese Students
KCBI Indonesian Buddhists Association
KDEI Indonesian Securities Central Depository
KDF District development fund
KFT Indonesian Television Workers Association
KIP Kampong Improvement Program
KIPP Independent Election Monitoring Committee
KISDI Indonesian Committee for World Muslems Solidarity
KISS Coordination, Integration, Synchronization and Simplification (system)
KITAS Temporary Stay Permit
KMHDI Association of Indonesian Hindu Students
KMPAN Nusantara Youths-Students Committee
KNIP Indonesian National Central Committee
KNPI Indonesian National Youth Committee
Kodiklat Military Education and Training Command in Bandung
Kodim District military command
Komnasham National Commission on Human Rights
KONI National Sports Council
Konphalindo National Consortium for Nature and Forest Conservation in Indonesia
Kontras Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence
Kopassus The Army’s Special Force (red berets)
Kopkamtib Operational Command for the Restoration of Security and Order a now defunct internal security agency
Kopti Indonesian Soybean Curd and Soybean Cake Cooperative
Korem Military command post
Korpri Indonesian Civil Servants Corps
Kosgoro Multipurpose Cooperative of Mutual Assistance
Kostrad Army Strategic Reserves Command (green berets)
Kowani Indonesian Women’s Congress
KPB State Joint Marketing Office
KPLP Indonesian Coast and Sea Guard Unit
KPPRI Indonesian Successors Struggle Association
KPR Housing loan/home loan
KTI Indonesian Boxing Committee
KUD Village cooperatives
KUHAP Criminal Code Procedures
KUHP Criminal Code
KUHPer or KUH Perdata Civil Law Code
KUK Credit for small enterprises
Kukesra People’s Prosperity Business Credit (antipoverty drive)
KPU General Elections Commission (name changed from National Elections Committee March 1999)
KUT Credit for farmers
KWI Bishop Council of Indonesia
KWK Koperasi Wahana Kalpika, a bus cooperative established in 1996
LAKA Aceh Custom and Culture Institute
Lamindo Latin America-Indonesia trading firm
LAN National Institute of Administration
Lapan National Space and Aviation Agency
LBH Legal Aid Institute , also see YLBHI
LEI Indonesian Ecolabeling Foundation
Lekra People’s Cultural Institute
Lemhannas National Resilience Institute
LIPI National Institute of Sciences
LKMD Community Welfare Organization, at village level
LP2K Institute for Consumers’ Protection and Fostering
LP3ES Institute of Research, Education and Information of Social and Economic Affairs
LP3M Institute of Rural, Coast and Societal Studies
LPSI Institute for Strategic Studies of Indonesia,
LPU General Elections Institute
LSAF Institute of Religious and Philosophical Studies
LSF Film Censorship Institute, formerly called the Film Censorship Board (BSF)
LUBER Langsung, umum, bebas, rahasia (direct, public, free and secret {elections})
LVRI Indonesian Veterans Legion
MA Supreme Justice
MANI Anti-Nuclear Society
MARA Council for People’s Mandate
Masyumi Indonesian Muslim Congregation)
Masjumi Defunct Islamic political party Majelis Syurro Muslimin Indonesia
MCK Mandi, cuci, kakus — public bathing, washing and toilet facilities
Menwa University military group, recruited and trained by ABRI
MIPPA Indonesian Society for Alternative Press (Australia-based)
MKGR Musyawarah Kekeluargaan Gotong Royong, a mass organization affiliated to Golkar which broke away in May 1998
Mobnas National car
Monas The National Monument in Medan Merdeka Square, Centra Jakarta
MPI Indonesian Forestry Society
MPR People’s Consultative Assembly
MPRS Provisional People’s Consultative Assembly
MUI Indonesian Ulemas Council
NAFED National Agency for Export Development
NCO Nusantara Chamber Orchestra
NEM Grade point average from the final school exam
NERIC Natural Resources Information Center
NU Nahdlatul Ulama, a 30-million-strong Muslim organization.
OIC Organization of Islamic Conference
ONH Haj pilgrimage fund
OPM Free Papua Movement
Organda Organization of Land Transportation Owners
Ormas Mass organizations
Orsos Social organizations
Orpol Political organizations
OT Organisasi terlarang, (prohibited organization)
OTB Organisasi tanpa bentuk (formless organizations)
P3DT Infrastructure development program in less-developed villages
P3M Indonesian Society for Pesantren and Community Development
P4 Guidelines for the comprehension and practical application of Pancasila
P4D Regional Committee for the Settlement of Labor Disputes (attached to the Ministry of Manpower)
PABBSI Indonesian Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Association
Panwaslak or Panwaslakpus Election Supervisory Committee
Pantura Java’s northern coast (pantai utara)
Parkindo Ddefunct Indonesian Christian Party
PASI Indonesian Amateur Athletics Association
Paskas Air Force’s special force
Paspampres Presidential Security Detail (old acronym was Paswalpres)
PBB (Indonesian acronym for) United Nations
PBHI Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association
PBI Indonesian Bowling Association
PBSI Badminton Association of Indonesia
PBVSI Indonesian Volleyball Association
PCPP Association of Intellectuals for Pancasila Development
PDBI Indonesian Business Data Center
PDI Indonesian Democratic Party (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia)
PDII-LIPI Center for Scientific Documentation and Information at the Indonesian Science Institute
Pefindo PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia, the state (bond) rating agency,
Pelindo PT Pelabuhan Indonesia, a state-owned company assigned to managed several seaports in West Java,
Pelti Indonesian Tennis Association
PEPABRI Armed Forces Veterans Association
Peradah Association of Hindu Youths
Peradin Association of Indonesian Advocates
Perbakin Indonesian Target Shooting and Hunting Association
Perbanas Federation of Private Domestic Banks
Perbasi Indonesian Basketball Association
Perbasasi Indonesian Baseball and Softball Association
Percasi Indonesian Chess Association
Perhapi Association of Indonesian Mining Professionals
Perhepi Association of Agriculture Experts
Perkemi Indonesian Kempo Association
Perpani Indonesian Archery Association
Perpobin Indonesian Power Boating Association
Persagi Indonesian Nutrition Association
Persani Indonesian Gymnastics Association
Persetasi Indonesian Sepaktakraw Association
Persija Jakarta Soccer Association
Persis Persatuan Islam
Persit Association of wives of servicemen
Pertina Indonesian Amateur Boxing Association
Perum State company
Perumka State railway company Perusahaan Umum Kereta Api
Perumnas State Housing Company
Peruri State-owned securities paper and bank note printing company
Pesti Indonesian Soft Tennis Association
PETA Pembela Tanah Air (Defenders of the Fatherland), the militia set up during the Japanese occupation in 1942. PETA was one of several militias that were incorporated, after the proclamation of independence in August 1945, to become the Badan Keamanan Rakyat (People’s Security Corps). The BKR later became the republic’s military, now known as the Armed Forces (ABRI), which was established on Oct. 5, 1945.
PFN State-owned Movie Industry
PGI Indonesian Communion of Churches (Protestant)
PGI Indonesian Golf Association
PGN PT Perusahaan Gas Negara
PGRI Indonesian Teachers Union
PGSI Indonesian Wrestling Association
PHDI Indonesian Hindu Religious Council
PHRI Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association
PHSI Indonesian Hockey Association
PIFA Portugal-Indonesia Friendship Association
PII Institute of Indonesian Engineers
Pijar Center of Information and Action Network for Reform (an NGO)
PIKI Association of Protestant Intelligentsia
PIN National Immunization Week
Pindad Army Industrial Affairs Center (includes its weaponry industry)
PIPM Three stock market outlets established by JSX or capital market information centers
PIR Smallholders estate
PJKA Old name of state railway company, now Perumka
PJSI Indonesian Judo Association (lnt 4/98)
PKBI Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association
PKI (Defunct) Indonesia Communist Party
PKK Family Welfare Movement, a community family welfare organization
PKWA American Studies Center (at the University of Indonesia)
PLN PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara, state-owned electricity company
PLTN Nuclear Power Plant
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
PMII Indonesian Quality Management/Control Association also Indonesian Islamic Students Movement
PMKRI Association of Catholic Students
PMPD Pro-Democracy Students Party, established by a group of Hasanuddin
University (Ujungpandang) students in 1996
PMU Project Management Unit (for Jakarta subway)
PN State company
PNI Indonesian National Unity established Oct. 1995 also Indonesian National Party
PNRI State-owned Printing Company
PPK/S District/Subdistrict Polling Committees
PODSI Indonesian Rowing Association
POGI Indonesian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
POLRI National Police
POMG Parent-teacher association
PON National Games
Poperi The Association of Indonesian Lawyers Organizations: AAI and five lawyers’ organizations — IPHI, LBPH Kosgoro, BPKH MKGR, LKBH Trisula and LPPH — joined forces to establish Poperi
Pordasi Indonesian Equestrian and Horse Racing Association
Porlasi Indonesian Yachting Association
Porserosi Indonesian Roller Skating Association
Posindo PT Pos Indonesia, state-owned postal service company
POSSI Indonesian Diving Association
PPBI Center for Indonesian Workers Struggle
PPD State-run city or municipal bus company
PPFI Indonesian Film Company Organization
PPI Indonesian Workers Party
PPD I Provincial Elections Committee
PPD II Regional Elections Committee
PPIP Portugal-Indonesia Friendship Association
PPS Polling Committee
PPMKI Vintage Car Lovers Association
PPN Value-added tax (VAT)
PPP United Development Party
PPPM The Association for the Development of Pesantren (traditional Islamic schools) and Society
PPSK Center for Strategy and Policy Studies
PPTI Organization for Eradication of Tuberculosis
PPW-LIPI Center for Political and Regional Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
PRD Democratic People’s Party
Prokasih Clean River Program
PRSI Indonesian Swimming Association
PSASI Indonesia Water Skiing Association
PSI Indonesian Socialist Party (defunct)
PSI Indonesian Squash Assoc
PSPI Center for the Study of Indonesian Property
PSRSI Indonesian Squash Association
PSSI All Indonesian Football Federation,
PTIK Police Staff College
PTMSI Indonesian Table Tennis Association
PTO Entertainment tax
PTPN State plantation company
PTS Systematic Land Registration
PTTUN State Administrative High Court
PTUN State Administrative Court
PUDI Indonesian Democratic Union Party
Puskopau Indonesian Air Force Cooperative
PWI Indonesian Journalists Association
Ratih Civilian militia
REI Indonesian Real Estate Developers Association,
Repelita, Pelita Rencana Pembangungan Lima Tahun (Five-Year Development Plan). Pelita stands for Pembangunan Lima Tahun (Five-Year Development Program.) Repelita is the plan, Pelita is the finished program. Do not interchange, e.g. the current Sixth Five-Year Development Plan will end on March 31, 1999. The Fourth Five-Year Development Program was considered successful.
RKL Environmental Management Plan
RMS South Maluku Republic (a separatist movement quashed in the 1950s)
RPL Environmental Monitoring Plan
RSCM Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital
RSUD City hospitals
RT Neighborhood unit
RW Community unit
SARA Tribal affiliations, religion, race and societal groups
Satgasus Special Jakarta traffic police squad
SBIs /SBI Bank Indonesia promissory notes
SBKRI Evidence of Indonesian Citizenship certificate (for Chinese Indonesians only. The law which requires SBKRI was abolished in 1996)
SBSI Indonesian Prosperous Labor Union
SCBD Sudirman Center for Business Development
SD Kindergarten
SD IMBAS Satellite schools (of a Gugus Sekolah) (school affiliation)
SDSB Now defunct government-sponsored lottery Sumbangan Dana Sosial Berhadiah (Social Philanthropic Contributions with Prizes)
Sembako The nine basic comodities
Sesko Staff and command colleges
Seskoad Army Staff and Command School (not College, not SESKOAD)
SGP Indonesian Press and Graphics Association
SHS State-owned Perum Sang Hyang Seri rice seed company
Sijori Triangle of growth involving Indonesia’s Riau province, Singapore and Johor, Malaysia.
Sipora Foreigners Control Coordination
SIPPT Land-use permit
Siskamling Neighborhood watch
SIUPP Surat Ijin Usaha Penerbitan Pers (publishing license) issued by the Ministry of Information
SKEPHI Network for Forest Conservation in Indonesia
SKU General Agency Permit for shipping
SMI Indonesian Independent Union
SMID Indonesian Students Solidarity for Democracy
SMP Senior high school
SMPI Indonesian Press Solidarity Society
SNI Indonesian National Standards (environmental standards)
Somaka Students Solidarity for Aceh Cases
SPP Educational Management Contribution
SPS Newspaper Publishers Union
SPSI All-Indonesia Workers Union
FSPSI All-Indonesia Workers Union Federation
SPT Yearly tax assessment
SRI Survey Research Indonesia
SSE Surabaya Stock Exchange
STO Automatic telephone system
STSI Indonesian Arts High School
Supersemar An abbreviation of the March 11 Indonesian (Presidential) Executive Order signed on March 11, 1966 by president Sukarno when the political turmoil in the country reached its peak following the abortive communist coup attempt the previous September.
Taperum Civil Servants Housing Savings
Taspen Civil Servants Pension Fund
TIM Taman Ismail Marzuki arts center
TIME Tourism Indonesia Mart and Expo
TNI Indonesian National Army
TUK Card operated public telephone (telefon umum kartu)
UDT Timorese Democratic Union
UGM Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta
UI University of Indonesia in Jakarta
UKI Christian University of Indonesia
UKSW Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, Central Java
Unfrel University Network for Free and Fair Elections (a poll watchdog)
URC The police’s rapid reaction unit
Walhi Indonesian Forum for Environment
Walubi Council of Buddhist Communities
Wanhankamnas National Defense and Security Council
Wanra People’s Resistance
Wapam Warung Pasar Modal
Wasantaranet Wawasan Nusantara Network, Posindo’s Internet service,
WCFSD World Commission on Forests and Substainable Development
WI Indonesian Wushu Association
WIB Indonesian Western Time Zone
WIT Indonesian Eastern Time Zone
WITA Indonesian Central Time Zone
WKS Compulsory posting for university graduates
WPI Indonesian Women in Development
Yapusham Center for Human Rights Studies
Yasco Scorpio Foundation
YKAI Indonesian Children’s Welfare Foundation
YKCI Indonesian Creativity Foundation
YKPK National Brotherhood Foundation
YLBHI Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute
YLKI Indonesian Consumers Foundation
YLLI Yayasan Laut Lestari Indonesia, an environmental organization
YPAC Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children.
YPSDMI Foundation of Indonesian Human Resources Development