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Where can I get a Sworn Translator in Indonesia?

sworn translator indonesia

Sworn Translator in Jakarta, Indonesia

I can provide Sworn Translator service for all translations from English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English in Jakarta Indonesia.
If you have the need to translate an English text into bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian or if you want to have an Indonesian text translated into English? Then this website is for you. I am a sworn translator in Indonesia and I am working under PT Indo Lingua Translocalize. We provide translations of high quality at an affordable rate.

My name is Mochamad Hikmat Gumilar. My office is PT Indo Lingua Translocalize which is located in South Jakarta, in Cipete area. I have been working as an independent English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English translator for companies, government, NGO, as well as individuals. I received my Sworn Translator by virtue of DKI Jakarta decree No. 1765/2006 and I am also a certified translator for English to Indonesian and vice versa from which I obtained from HPI or Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia/Indonesian Translator Association where I am still a member.

I am also holding a CPC certificate or Certified Profesional Coach and also perform some coaching service for individuals or businesses. Other than as a translator I am also an interpreter. I have been working as an interpreter for the last 5 years and I have been interpreting as a Conference Interpreter, court interpreter, community interpreter as well as individual interpreter.  I can perform simultaneous interpreting as well as consecutive interpreting. I have been working on thousands of events like a seminar, workshop, conference, training, investigation, interview, in the police, or in the court in Indonesia. My focus is on business, human resources, information technology, manuals, and legal.

Educational and Professional Background

My educational background is an English diploma and Bachelor’s degree in International relations. I have been working in several multinational companies (Unilever, SC Johnson) before I left my day job and become a full-time interpreter and translator. With my network, I can also provide other services for other languages. You can contact me at my email [email protected] or my mobile/WhatsApp in +62-811-174-361 (Click here to Chat in WhatsApp). Alternatively, you can also contact me in Skype hgumilar.

Over the last 20 years I have focused on my specialization in legal translations and translations for human resource issues and business. Furthermore, I also provide sworn translations for diplomas, certificates, emigration papers, visa requirements, scholarships. I am also registered at the UK Embassy website.

Since 2010 I have been a member of the Indonesian Translators Association (HPI) and I adhere to the General Conditions and code of honor drawn up by the HPI. For bigger tasks, I occasionally work with some trusted colleagues.

Translation into and from other languages dan Indonesian and local dialects

For other language pair you can contact PT Indo Lingua Translocalize. You can find the details and contacts also on the right side of the website or in the chats I provide on the website.

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