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Bali Interpreter Service and SIS Rental

Looking for Bali interpreter service or simultaneous interpreting system (SIS) rental in Bali or other cities in Indonesia? We can help.

Bali Interpreter Service

PT INDO LINGUA TRANSLOCALIZE is a translation, localization and interpretation company established under Indonesian law and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are one of the companies that can provide Translation Service in Bali and can provide any translation service for bahasa Indonesia and other languages, the national language for services in the capital and other big cities in Indonesia. We have experienced in translating different consumer products for one of the World’s search giant and localizing many materials for many famous brands and international and local companies. We also provide Balinese interpreter and Chinese interpreter in Bali. Contact us at [email protected] or +62-811-174-361 for further information.

Interpreter in Indonesia

Interpreter service for your event in Indonesia e.g. conference, meeting, field trip for business or personal purpose for all your language need. We provide many kinds of interpretation service, i.e. conference interpreting, legal interpreting in the police station and court, and wedding interpretation. We have experienced and specialized interpreter for many languages that will make your event in Bali and Indonesia successful.

Bali Interpreter Service and SIS Rental

With the quality and reliability of the Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment that we used in every event (e.g. conference, meeting, training) have determined our success in the past. We have In conducting an event with Simultaneous Interpreting (SI) services, you will need some equipment and competent technicians to set it up and run it. Simultaneous Interpreting equipment includes interpretation booths (one per output language), interpreter consoles, mixer, transmission system, receivers with the headset for participants and interpreters, microphones for interpreters and also participants.

We can provide you with standard Simultaneous Interpreting equipment on per day basis and employed skilled and competent technicians to operate it. We can customize your interpretation event needs for number and type of equipment. We only use ISO 20109:2016 specifies requirements for equipment used for simultaneous interpreting provided by Congress Rental Indonesia and Kongresrental Indonesia..

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Get the brochure of our Simultaneous Interpreting System to know more about our systems. Kindly fill out the forms below to get the brochure and make further inquiries. We usually respond within 30 minutes upon submitting your inquiry. Bali Interpreter Service is here for the success of your event.

Contact us now in mobile phone 0811-174-361, click the number if you read this from your mobile phone. Chat Via Web or Desktop WhatsApp (click here) or email us at [email protected] for all your translating and interpreting service needs in Bali.

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