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English to Indonesian Interpreter in Jakarta Indonesia


English to Indonesian Conference Interpreter

If you come across this website, you may initially wonder what does Penerjemah mean. Penerjemah is an Indonesian word for Translator. It has been absorbed into Indonesian from Arabic word Tarjamah or translator. Indonesian language or what we call it “Bahasa Indonesia” or literally Indonesian language has been labeled by many particularly foreigners or non-Indonesian as “bahasa” something that irritates many Indonesian linguists or Indonesian in general as it means only ‘language’.

For the interpreter, we use the word “Juru Bahasa” which refers to live oral translation process for either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Contact me for your Indonesian interpreter job in Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia or nearby region. I have traveled to many European countries and Asian for the job.

Please download my CV here and contact me at the email below for password to open the CV.

For all your Indonesian interpreter requirements in Indonesia or all other locations in Indonesia please contact or Skype hgumilar or WhatsApp in +62811174361. I can help you with all your interpretation needs.