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List of Sworn Translators in Jakarta Main Embassies

sworn translator jakarta

Below are the links that you can visit and download of sworn and certified translators registered in several Embassies in Jakarta, Indonesia as of 24 March 2016.

Sworn Translators Jakarta in Indonesia refer to a translator who has been tested in an examination conducted by University of Indonesia language center on Legal Translation materials with a score of above 90. Upon successful examination, the translator then will be sworn in under oath by the Governor of Jakarta. The last known sworn translators were in 2012 and no other sworn translators officiated by the Governor since 2014. These sworn translator Jakarta is required to have Jakarta Resident ID prior registtration.

Please refer to the links below to get your Sworn Translators in Jakarta. Please note that other sworn translator Jakarta not listed here can also be hired provided that they can show the sworn translator certificate, as not all sworn translators in Indonesia has the privilege to be included in their listings.

  1. List of Sworn Translator in United States Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
  2. List of Sworn Translator in UK Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. List of Sworn Translator in France Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
  4. List of Sworn Translator in Australian Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
  5. List of Sworn Translator in German Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
  6. Directory of Indonesian Translators Association

For further reference on the rate and other information regarding sworn translator service, please read the article below:

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The author is a sworn translator for English – Indonesian pair according to Governor of DKI Jakarta Decree No. 1765/2006, also a Certified translator of HPI – Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia or Indonesian Translator Association, Member of ATA – American Translators Association. He is also co-own a and Indonesian localization and translation company PT. Indo Lingua Translocalize, an Indonesian localization company with around 15 in-house translators. For further information, please contact the author in penerjemah@penerjemah-id.com, hgumilar (Skype) or Mobile/WhatsApp in +62-811-174-361